The Wand Painless Injections

Are painless injections possible?

With The Wand painless injection system, they are.

The Wand painless injection system was developed to replace the traditional syringe in dentistry. As much of a revolution as an evolution, this computer controlled anaesthetic delivery system is a logical progression from the syringe which has seen little change since its invention more than 150 years ago. 

With The Wand, dentists can bring one of dentistry's last remaining antiquated designs into the 21st century.

When it comes to going to the dentist you might not look forward to that appointment. However The Wand makes the visit easier and more comfortable for you and your family.

Patients often say..........'When are you going to do it?'Wand family picture

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What can you expect with The Wand?

The first thing you can expect is to smile as The  Wand is a computer unit and looks like a modern piece of equipment, unlike an old fashioned syringe

You’ll notice that your dentist will look more comfortable using The Wand handpiece, as it is simply held like a pen.

You might not even know you’ve had an injection – that’s what some patients say – "When are you going to do it?

Your dentist might choose to numb up just one tooth. There will be no numbness of the tongue, cheek or lip.You return to your routine able to drink and smile.

You can expect to be so happy that you tell all your friends and neighbours about your great experience at the dentist.


How does it work?Wand_handpiece_reduced

The Wand uses a small hand piece that looks like a pen.

The Wand gives a supply of anaesthetic in a slow comfortable manner.

The Wand uses a unique new technology, which is unlike any other.

The Wand works at a low pressure and a slow rate that gives an improved anaesthesia.

The Wand works more effectively, resulting in a more pleasant experience

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More patient comments


Patients Comments

Patients experiences with the Wand at Wayne Gin’s practice, Colchester, Essex.

20.9.07    Great no problem.  Easy + very comfortable.  Will definitely come here again!! (but hope I don’t need to). 

Susie Ray

13/9/07 The Wand is a wonderful innovation – no pain with injections – I wish this could have been around years ago!

J Baker

13/9/07 A pleasant surprise today over my local anaesthetic. This new method feels far less invasive.  Not at all brutal.

At worst only minor, minor discomfort when administered. No numbness of face, or aching of face, or jaw, or tongue.

Jennifer Linstead

13.9.07 WAND  .  This machine enables people to have work completed at the Dentist because no needles are used. Easy no pain.

M A McGrathlyn

14.9.07 Didn’t feel anything.  Beeping was a useful distraction.  Vast improvement on injections.  Much less stressful.

Barbara Aitken

14.9.07 Tastes bitter, but not at all painfull, better than an injection.  Mouth not numb afterwards.

M L Cillick

14/09/07 Injection took longer but felt no needle – all o.k.

A Mifwan

Absolutely different from any other injection I’ve ever had.  Totally painless and stress-free.  The sounds are calming

E. West

17-9-07 I found the Wand Very good.  I was very much at easy with it.  You don’t feel any-thing at all and I found your mouth go numb a lot quicker. I would advise anybody to go for it.  It does take the fear away.

V. Freeman

18th Sept 2007 I found the new process of numbing the area around the tooth to be very good and pain free.

Philip Connor


I found the Wand to be a lot better than the normal injection because it is a lot less painful than the normal injection even though it is longer.  I preferred it and would definitely get it in the future.

Out of 10 I would give it 10.

Leanne Rice

29/9/07 It felt numb and a slight pin prick when the needle was injected.  It was okay & better than when I had it here last time.

Aujana Serskey

21st September 2007 Very good treatment.  Easy, no pain, just pressure, slight tingle feeling, works straight away.

E Bowmaker

24/9/07 Relatively painless.  Less traumatic than the prospect of an injection.  For me a definite improvement.

Mr Liscombe

25-09-07 Less painful, less stressful.

Mr R Somerfield

26/9/7 A vast improvement on the old style injection, no need to grip the side of chair as the anaesthetic hits the nerves of the tooth.  Brilliant!!.

Celia Catchpole

2/10/07 The Wand is a much more painless way than the usual injection for numbing.  Great for nervous patients like myself!

Faster numbing and less pressure than the conventional way.

M H Watts

2/10/07 I found the Wand to be a lot more comfortable and pain free. Much better than my last trip.

Sarah Wedlock

My experience of the Wand:-

I found this experience painfree, which enabled me to have treatment.  Carried out in one visit as opposed to 2 or possibly more visits. After treatment I wan no left with the usual uncomfortable numbness.

Patient comments on single tooth intra ligamentary injections with The Wand STA at Dentalogica.

Owner Dr Arfan Rashid

 D. Bush            18/03/10

The Wand was a very good experience really. Good idea no pain.

J. Walker         18/03/10

Very little impression of having an injection at all, no real discomfort. Limited numbness subsequently.

G. Popham       18/03/10

The fact that my face was not all numb was a major benefit. The actual time taken to numb the tooth was a little longer, but well worth it. No pain felt at all.

D Mitchell        18/0310

Much quicker and better than injection or other Wand. Numb immediately, no pain while work done.

M Barker         18/03/10

The injection did take a little longer but was much more effective. There was minimal pain when the injection was administered and none at all when drilling took place. Also no numbness in any other part of the mouth which was a huge benefit.

E Collings 20/03/10

Much better than an injection-no pain at all. Took a couple of goes to get numb enough to drill. But then excellent and very quick with no pain at all. Nice not to have a numb face.

G Mobbs         22/03/10

The Wand is a very effective method of numbing the tooth. It is pain free and only took a short amount of time to numb the tooth in order to drill. The fact it wears off in 30 minutes is a further bonus, in terms of being able to eat and drink. This would be my preferred choice over an injection.

Mrs White        23/3/10

Pain free procedure. No numbness after. Excellent for needle phobic patients.

Mrs Robinson               24/03/10

I was sceptical about this. However I felt nothing!! Brilliant. Will definitely use this again.

Mrs T Danowska         24/03/10

Absolutely brilliant! I will be advising my friends to change dentists.

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