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Hi Brian,

It was a great experience and I didn't feel a thing.

Many thanks



Hi Brian

Happy to report 1st successful extraction of deciduous canine (long root) using the Wand. Molly (8 years old) smiled all the way through - so did mum.

Regards Colin


Dear Brian Jackson

Many thanks for helping me out with my search for a sympathetic dentist. I contacted the Manor House Dental Surgery and am now receiving treatment from them. Had a molar extracted last week, was petrified about it, but Matthew and his team were wonderful and the Wand was fantastic. I felt no pain at all, none of the pressure and discomfort associated with hypodermic needles. The only thing that hurt was my wallet!

I need to go back for a couple of fillings, and even though it is a long journey involving two buses, it's worth it to be free of the anxiety I had felt around injections. If there's an industry award for best invention of the year, the Wand should get it!

It's a shame that the Wand isn't more widely available (and presumably not at all in the NHS!) as it would encourage a lot more dental-phobics like me to seek treatment. I'd never heard of it before I started looking online, and no one I've spoken to since has either. I have encouraged the Manor House staff to advertise more widely their use of the Wand, and they've taken that on board. After all, they now have a new patient - me - that they would not otherwise have had! (And that is due to your help, so thanks again).

With best wishes

Angie Gair


Further to our previous, I can now report that Ive completed the first stage of a large treatment to put right a lifetime of avoidance of dentists and needles

I chose the Dental & Cosmetic Clinic partly because they use The Wand on every case and it gave me true pain-free local anaesthesia under the wonderful skill of Dr Duncan Ralston.  It truly is a wonderful device and I cannot understand why it is not used everywhere


Richard Reeves


I have recently moved to Havant near Portsmouth and would like to find a dentist in my area who uses the Wand.  I used to go to Ridgeway Health and Wellness Clinic in Swindon who used this and found it absolutely brilliant.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Tracy Rose


Dear Mr Jackson

Re: Compudent – The Wand

I am just writing to you in order to thank you very much for your help and advice with regard to the Wand. As I previously explained, I am nearly 57 years of age and have suffered from a lifetime of anxiety whenever visiting the dentist, as a throwback to my bad childhood experiences of the dreaded school dentistry programme.  This put me off visiting a dentist for many years and this instigated a history of gum disease with eventual loss of teeth.

I do visit my local NHS dental surgery and they are very sympathetic over my general nervousness.  My main problem has been a needle phobia and I have had some terrible times whenever summoning up the courage to have extractions by traditional syringe, which dates back to the mid 19th century! This always causes pain on the final deep injection around the actual tooth tissue area.  Thanks to the internet, I have been searching for various ideas and methods before coming across the Wand which offers painless anaesthesia by virtue of its revolutionary computerised method.  I then contacted several dentists and enquired about their own experiences with this amazing machine as well as trying to find out if any local Midlands dentists were using the Wand.

One of them suggested that I contact DPS as you supply these machines to practices across the UK and you were most helpful and understanding as regards my plight.  You informed me that Dr Dinesh Vegad of St Pauls dental practice in Birmingham city centre had been using the Wand and other high tech equipment for some years so I made an appointment and saw him for my first consultation yesterday.  I also decided to undergo the extraction of a loose molar that would have caused more problems in the very near future so its loss was inevitable anyway.  Dr Vegad and his assistants were superb and did their best to assuage my fears as he proceeded to take this tooth out.  I felt no pain or discomfort whatsoever as the Wand went about its numbing of the surrounding gum, with its gradual advance release of anaesthetic.  This has been a major hurdle that I have now crossed as I am no longer afraid of any future treatment that requires anaesthetic and I am in the process of arranging future appointments with Dr Vegad who specialises in cosmetic work alongside his normal procedures.

He and his team are very good and I am also recommending his practice to family, friends and any other people as and when the subject of dental phobias arise!  Once again – thank you very much for your help in directing me to his practice, not forgetting the amazing Wand – it is certainly ‘magic’ for me!  I have no objection to you using my personal endorsement when dealing with any of your potential customers as this might help them and their nervous patients overcome the traditional fears by use of this revolutionary state of the art equipment.  Please feel free to pass on my details should they wish to validate these points.

I feel that this is one of the most important inventions in dentistry and every practice should have one, especially for children and nervous adults alike.

Yours sincerely

Mr D Laws


Dear Brian

I asked for information on pain free dentistry a few months ago and you sent me two dentists in Winchester who use the wand.  I went to one of them (Bridge Street Surgery) and had an extraction and treatment for another tooth yesterday and they used the Wand and I also had sedation.  I wanted to thank you for the information because it was fine - I didn't feel a thing, althought I felt quite dizzy all day yesterday.  I have to have more treatment in the future and will be having the sedation and the wand.

Many thanks for this information.  Bridge Street Surgery are very good.

Yours sincerely.

Carol Fisher


Hi Brian,

what a fantastic service by all involved from your speedy response to the surgery.

I emailed them as soon as you gave me their details.

The receptionist called yesterday to invite me for a look around, meet, greet type thing.

I don't feel this necessary as not afraid of dentist just the ugly needle.

I have an appointment booked with them for a week today.

You cannot even begin to understand how amazing this is for me.

I can't understand how it has taken me this long to find you guys, I have called the dental council and all they have said is here is a alist of all dentists in your area, just call around.

Dentists who have the wand on their web pages. Don't actually appear to offer it when I have called them.

So you must see how frustrating this has been and how truly grateful I am at having found you guys.

Thank you once again I am thrilled.



Feedback from David End's patients on NHS Choices Website

SueDk gave End D a rating of 5 stars - The best dentist we've ever been to!
.......They embrace new technologies and has some state of the art dental equipment for their patients' benefit. For instance, the " Wand" which we both tried recently. It is an injection you don't know you are having and you don't have a 'cotton wool mouth' for hours afterwards. It is ultra impressive for those who have a fear of needles and far better for than the old style injections. We'll certainly be requesting it again should the need arise. Visited in September 2013. Posted on 21 October 2013

Martyn -- Prestwich gave End D a rating of 5 stars - A service of excellence
It's not often in your lifetime that you come across someone who has such a passion and diligence for their work, someone who doesn't see their "job" as a job.

It's always a great experience and very re-assuring to visit this dentist. This dentist is one of only a handful of dentists in the country who have invested in the latest technologies, better than many private dentists. When I visit this dentist, I have no worry of any pain with the use of the fantastic anesthetic wand which works instantly and completely and for only a very small extra charge.

There are many "private" dentists "out there" but "private" does not always mean better, it only means you pay more. From my experience with this dentist, their skills are second to none, they are so passionate about what they do and informs me that he often visits places around the world learning new techniques, skills and technologies in dentistry.

Hopefully one day we'll be able to clone this dentist (or at least their attitude) and put them into every NHS post in the country and fix the NHS!! Visited in September 2013. Posted on 20 September 2013

Emma gave End D a rating of 5 stars - Very good experience considering i am a nervous patient
I am a very nervous patient. I have had bad experiences with my last dentist!
I was recommended this dentist so i thought i would give it a try!
I am so glad i did!
I needed a large filling and was given the wand injection. I couldn't feel a thing! Even when the injection went in!
The dentist kept stopping to make sure everything was Ok! and surprisingly it was i didn't feel a thing!
Would highly recommend this dentist!!
I definitely wont be as nervous next time i go!
5 out 5! Visited in September 2013. Posted on 19 September 2013

Sam and Irene gave End D a rating of 5 stars - Dental Work stress free
My wife attended the surgery yesterday 11th September 2013 for a filling and tried the New Magic Wand. She said it was amazing, she did not feel a thing and what she said is that it does not deaden the rest of the face, only the tooth needing treatment, and would most certainly recommend it to others. My wife and myself would like to thank our dentist and all their staff for their caring. Regards Sam and Irene. Visited in September 2013. Posted on 12 September 2013

Gareth Smith gave End D a rating of 5 stars - Finally a Dentist with a little compassion....
After a night tossing and turning with a tooth that obviously just hated me, I phoned NHS 111 and was given a reference number to give to David End Dentist Surgery. I was advised that I would be seen in between pre-booked appointments but I shouldn't be kept long. After a maximum of half an hour I was taken into the consulting room. I would rather have boiled my own head than go to the dentist, and my nerves were clearly obvious. To my surprise, the lovely receptionist had conveyed this to the dentist which became obvious in their calm manner and approach. They broke the news that 2 teeth would have to go. Great. My biggest fear was about to be realised. Then they produced 'The Wand'. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes and without so much as a scratch, I began to feel numb. They continued to reassure me throughout, giving ample time for the anaesthetic to take effect. Throughout the whole process, I was the decision maker. If I wasn't quite ready, I was given a minute to compose myself. No pressure was on me to hurry. Nor was I made to feel like a second class citizen because I smoke or drink coffee, as I had been in the past. Clearly, a major investment had been made in the latest equipment available. X-rays were taken which were viewed seconds later on a large screen in the consulting room. Based on the whole experience with this dentist, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my family or friends and will certainly be returning for further treatment. If only other Dental practitioners were to show the same consideration for their patients, perhaps the Dentists chair wouldn't be feared! Visited in August 2013. Posted on 11 August 2013

J Bird gave End D a rating of 5 stars -Amazing Dental treatment
........... The dentist is one of the few that uses the latest in anaesthetics if you don't like needles they use a wand that they simply touch the tooth and away the dentist go's and your face is not numb for hours. This dentist really is passionate about is work and spends lots of time getting things just right. I would highly recommend them as they really do's care. I have been to some private Dentist and they are not as well equipped as this surgery nor as friendly. many thanks for a fantastic job. Visited in August 2013. Posted on 08 August 2013

Roxanne gave End D a rating of 5 stars - Nervous Patients and the Wand
Being an extremely nervous patient, I spent many years avoiding the dentist, until finally I decided to try again. I originally chose this surgery due to location, NHS availability and anxiety management. However, after receiving treatment here, I would definitely continue as a patient regardless of location and price.

.......... I know that I can be 'difficult' to treat. ........

For my last session, the dentist suggested I try the Wand. To be honest, I cannot even tell you which part of my mouth it was applied to because all I felt was a small amount of pressure. There was no pain whatsoever, just this slight pressure on my gum.

The process did take a little longer than an anaesthetic injection would, however as there was no pain or fear, I was happy to wait for the Wand to be applied. I'm guessing it takes longer due to the anaesthetic being put in at a steady, automatic pace. During the treatment, I asked for more anaesthetic to be used as I was having quite a bit of work done and it had started to wear off a little. Usually, I wouldn't have dared ask for a top-up - I would rather have had the drilling pain than have another injection! But having the Wand topped up was not an issue at all. Another positive note about the Wand is that your mouth is not numbed up for hours afterwards - the anaesthetic seemed to wear off sooner, and there was no pain at all.
Visited in July 2013. Posted on 01 September 2013

Fantastic Practice
I am not one for writing reviews usually, unless they warrant it or not. On this occasion this practice deserves it. I was suffering from very painful tooth ache and rang the practice to see if I could come in to get an emergency appointment. The receptionist was very helpful and polite, they informed me that I could come in at 9.15 and wait for an available slot. I did not have to wait for very long, 45 minutes later I was called in by the dentist. They informed me that the tooth ache was because of a 'dead' tooth and it needed to be removed. I was a little terrified as I could only imagine excruciating pain that would follow. I was wrong, very wrong; I was given the 'Wand' treatment. A treatment that numbs the area around the tooth to be removed, this treatment was painless, as was the tooth being removed. It took no time at all for it to be removed and I did not feel a thing. I would recommend this for everyone; it is well worth the £15 extra that you have to pay. Visited in July 2013. Posted on 17 July 2013

I recently attended this practice as new patient having read reviews on nhs choices. Having had bad experiences in the past I have to say this practice is by far the best practice I have been to. The staff are amazing. I had to wait a long time to get in to this practice but its worth it. The dentist uses all the latest technology and is passionate about what they do. My treatment was completely painless. I still cannot believe how quick the treatment was - not even numb afterwards- like magic! Believe me - this practice is busy - but I am not surprised. If you want to know what the future of dentistry is like - go there. Visited in July 2013. Posted on 17 July 2013

Twitter..Dave Tootell gave End D a rating of 5 stars. Excellent service!
Never been happy about a visit to the dentist, but I can honestly say that the dentist and team here make it as good as it can be. The main thing from my point of view is that it's been painless!,and I too can vouch for the 'wand'. The dentist, the nurses and the receptionist are all professional, efficient and friendly, all in all an example of best practice. Excellent! Visited in June 2013. Posted on 19 June 2013

Twitter..Anonymous gave End D a rating of 5 stars. My dentist and his magical, marvellous machine.......
Once upon a time in a big town called Manchester, worked a marvellous dentist -- what was so marvellous about this dentist was they had had the foresight and wisdom to invest in a brilliant new magic wand (STA). The wand itself was quite remarkable -- but what was even more remarkable, was the skill and ingenuity of the dentist using it -- for only the most apt and proficient were able to use the wand properly. Now, in days long past, there was no wand, and so many people were so very scared to go to the dentist – but not anymore -- now people come from far and wide to experience this truly incredible pain free invention, and word of pain free visits is traveling fast.
........If there is a formal recognition given (like "Master Dentist") above all other dentists for professionalism and ability, then my dentist should receive it!

Twitter..Anonymous gave End D a rating of 5 stars.Magic Wand!!!
Had to recently attend for some fillings asked if I would like to try the wand wasn't sure whether this would numb the tooth about to be filled and if I would feel anything have to report it was a great experience, no pain and only the tooth that needed the treatment was numbed no fear of injection a great experience, more patients need to ask for this treatment think it should be called the Magic Wand. My dentist is always extremely helpful and gives sound advice to their patients I would highly recommend them especially to any nervous patients. Visited in June 2013. Posted on 15 June 2013

Twitter..Anonymous gave End D a rating of 5 stars.the wand
Had the wand today at the dentist excellent service recommend anyone to use this service no numbness in the mouth at all Visited in June 2013. Posted on 15 June 2013

Twitter..Steven Allcock gave End D a rating of 5 stars.The best dental practice i have ever been to....
I am not normally someone who write reviews but the dentist is fantastic and someone who is very passionate about what he does.
He is not out to make more money out of you, he is very honest and upfront. He has all the latest equipment and systems including the "wand" which i experienced today and it was amazing.
You don't get that numb half face feeling, its just in the tooth socket and they explain exactly what it is doing and fills you with complete confidence. Its practically painfree too which is a benefit!
All of his staff are always very professional and i cannot recommend this dentist enough.
I normally hate visits to the dentist but because i have found a dentist i trust i enjoy the visits (now i do sound mental)
Thank you to the dentist and his team, keep up the amazing work!! Visited in May 2013. Posted on 22 May 2013

Twitter..Julie Chaloner gave End D a rating of 5 stars.First time patient, use of wand
Visited the dentist today for the first time, and may i say how lovely all the staff were, put me at ease from the moment i entered the surgery, Wonderful and friendly reception, Dental nurses were friendly and approachable, with what appears excellent knowledge, and the dentist was very pleasant, and took time to explain everything to me, didn't feel i was on a conveyer belt as with other dentists. On my visit it was recommended i have a tooth extraction, and i was offered the injection free wand, well what can i say, it was fantastic, no pain, no numbness, i would highly recommend this procedure. Yes it has a cost but for me it is well worth the minimal charge of just £15. If i ever needed any such treatment in the future i would insist on the use of the wand. Would not go to any other dentist in the future. Visited in May 2013. Posted on 20 May 2013

Anonymous gave End D a rating of 5 stars.The wand
I visited the dentist today for emergency treatment, I have always been very scared of the injection , but they suggested having the wand a new treatment which numbs the tooth and not the whole mouth, this was fantastic and I didn't feel a thing, I would highly recommend to anyone having treatment, thank you for the suggestion. Visited in May 2013. Posted on 08 May 2013

Twitter..Anonymous gave End D a rating of 5 stars.injection wand
Recent visit for a tooth extraction prior to a bridge the dentist introduced the, new to me, "injection wand". Though I have never experianced any pain with the traditional method when administered by the dentist, I was intriged to give it a try. What a marvelous piece of new technolagy this is Many thanks for investing in new idea's and new technolagy
Visited in April 2013. Posted on 21 April 2013

Twitter..Andrea gave End D a rating of 5 stars.Emergency appointment
This was my first time using this dental practice, as it was an emergency appointment but will definitely be using this practice going forward!
Very understanding dentist, completely explained every part of the procedure and involved me in all decisions. I had chipped a tooth and was in excruciating pain from it, one day later and I am almost pain free! Going back to finish the treatment with this practice as they were very professional and understanding!
I don't have a phobia of dentists, but do not like needles in my mouth! This was the first time I had heard of 'the wand' and can highly recommend it! Procedure was pain free, no numb feeling in my mouth, and best of all ... I didn't even know the wand was still an injection! Highly recommended! Visited in March 2013. Posted on 27 March 2013

Twitter..Tony S gave End D a rating of 5 stars.Painless Treatment
Visited Dr. End today. Got into surgery on time. Needed a filling which was carried out using the ' Wand' rather than traditional injection. It takes a bit longer to administer than a usual injection but you don't have to wait as it is acts instantly, and without a numb mouth.
This service not available on NHS, and costs an extra £ 15, but worth it. Very happy with visit. Visited in March 2013. Posted on 25 March 2013

Twitter..Carole Parker gave End D a rating of 5 stars.New treatment.
Today i have taken my 13 year old for two fillings at this dental surgery. The dentist used the new wand to make the tooth numb. My son did not feel anything and had both teeth done on the same day with no after effects. Great staff even had a joke with him whilst doing his teeth all over with in no time. All my children and I have been patients of this practice for at least 20 years we would not go to any other dentist . Visited in March 2013. Posted on 07 March 2013

Twitter..Stuart Hannam gave End D a rating of 5 stars.Brilliant Dentist
Top notch dentist, professional and reassuring and looks out for the best interests of their patients. Had root canal surgery and with the special numbing injections I didn't feel a thing. For only 15 quid I'd recommend it if you're a bit of a wuss when it comes to pain like me! Haha. Thanks. Visited in March 2013. Posted on 07 March 2013



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