About Dental Practice Systems

DPS supplies innovative, well established products for dentistry, to help to make life easier for both dentist and patient.

Dental Practice Systems is a well established, family company dedicated to friendly, professional service.

In order to provide excellent back up to our clients, we have selected only a small range of dental products that we consider are the best in their respective fields and about which we are really knowledgeable.

We only market products that have been proven for at least 3 years and have demonstrated an excellent track record with dentists.

As independent suppliers, we are not tied to one manufacturer, giving us the freedom to choose the best product for any given application. Our 'Comfort Zone' is a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment centre that has been specially designed by us to provide our clients with a complete range of dental tools in a compact and efficient mobile unit.

We scour the world, visiting international shows looking for the best and most innovative dental solutions and thoroughly test them in the UK environment before bringing them to you.

Benefits to your patients

  • A faster, more efficient service. Better dental care of higher value because less time is wasted sitting in the chair.
  • Less stress for nervous patients who fear the drill of find injections painful.
  • Better detection of potential dangers can be treated before becoming a painful or more costly problem.

Benefits to you, the dental practitioner

  • Happier patients spreading the work about their painless visit to the dentist!
  • A higher volume of patients can be treated in less time, therefore higher revenues.
  • A higher level of patient care could justify supplemental fees, therefore bringing more profit to the dental practice.

Key members of DPS

The company is headed by Brian Jackson, a veteran of the dental industry and pioneer of the intraoral camera 18 years ago.

Administration and Customer Service is managed by his daughter Melanie.

Lesley Jackson, Brian's wife, is often to be seen demonstrating products at trade shows and in surgeries across the UK. She is also a Wand trainer.

Please feel free to contact us at Dental Practice Systems.