Myths vs. Facts

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  • Many commonly held myths regarding dentistry are actually not true!
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Just because you've been told something doesn't make it true!

MYTH: Brushing and flossing are enough to fight decay.
FACT: Brushing and flossing alone do not kill the bacteria that are the real cause of decay.
MYTH: Cavities are not contagious.
FACT: Bacteria that cause cavities are transmissible.
MYTH: Sugar is the reason I get cavities.
FACT: Bacteria that cause cavities are driven by an acidic pH.
MYTH: Fluoride is the answer to stopping decay in adults.
FACT: Studies show that the increase in fluoride use has not lowered the incidence of decay in adults.
MYTH: I get cavities because I have soft or weak enamel.
FACT: The acid produced by bacteria can eat everything.
MYTH: Filling my cavity cures the disease.
FACT: Only chemotherapeutic treatment can treat the bacteria that cause cavities, not the dentist's drill.

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