About Carifree

  • CariFree Product lines are manufactured by Oral BioTech LLC
  • Oral BioTech was founded by dentists, dental school professors, and other professionals


Oral BioTech was founded with the purpose of providing the dental profession with a complete solution to treating dental caries as a bacterial infection.

In recent years, scientists and other dental professionals began to realize that it was a bacterial infection in the teeth's biofilm that was causing tooth decay, leading to cavitations. However, they had no easy real-time test for the infection and treatment programs had limited effectiveness.

A group of dentists, university professors, and other professionals formed Oral BioTech to create products that could make it easy for dentists to test for this bacterial infection and to be able to prescribe highly effective treatment programs.

What are caries?

Cavities are caused by a bacterial infection known in the dental profession as caries. This infection is not only treatable, but preventable. CariFree is here to help patients find assistance and products for treating and preventing the caries infection.


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